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Updated: Apr 21

This is where the magic happens. 

This is where the thoughts come from the imagination on to the paper. 

Because paper is still where stories begin, and end.

To some this may seem silly. Childish even to say the least.

But in the imagination lives a child who sees the beauty in even the smallest of places.

And if that means not fitting in or standing out in a group than that is okay by me.

For it is better to see the beauty in everything, or have an imagination that never ceases to see magic in the smallest of places, than grow up and realize….

how much more you could have done if you only could see.

I hope when my children come to this Library a part of them never wants to grow up.

That they can always come here to this spot where imagination began and remember what it feels like to truly be alive.

I hope I teach them to remember to be free in their own hearts and not reserved for the thoughts or opinions of others.


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