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Confessions of the Book Witch, April Edition

April is almost over and I have barely been active on this blog! This month flew by and I feel like I have been sleeping! I literally got stuck in a reading slump due to a few issues regarding my physical health. I am an over achiever and I take full responsibility for my pain today. What exactly led me to be on a temporary bedrest due to a strained abductor muscle?  ME! I wanted to see if I could jog after training my body to walk for a month. I got walking down pat so I sped up my speed and was able to walk at a faster speed than I thought without my asthma getting in the way. So one brilliant morning I decided to see if I could jog and walk too. I wanted to see if I could shave my workout time in half and see exactly how much I could push myself. ( I love to challenge myself to the point of poor choices.) I got this brilliant plan to burst into random sprints during my walk/jog exercise that morning. I was fine the first three or four days after this fabulous idea. But on the fifth day I discovered I could not lift my legs for yoga without screaming in pain. I could not sit comfortably without feeling something stabbing me from the inside and a deep pain down the inner thigh on both left and right sides of my body. It is safe to say that I “over shot” my workout and my sweet husband is annoyingly correct…I did “over do it”. So I have been out of the loop for a bit on my blog but I promise you I have wonderful things coming soon and I plan to get this back up and working! I want to thank all of my readers and family/friends who support me on a daily basis. I love you all very much!


Amanda Insco, The Book Witch


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