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Satori Ananda, Awaken to Happiness Written by Michael C.W. Tranmer

Updated: Apr 21

 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  5/5 Review 

Satori Anada,  Awaken to Happiness 

Last month I received a copy of this book from the Author to review. At that time I was skeptical and unsure of what kind of book this would be but I kept an open mind. I began the book in early March and finished it just yesterday. I am pretty certain I will read this book many times in my life. But before I break down my thoughts which will be a bit more personal than you are used too, I want to provide a quick summary of the book itself.  Scroll down to read the review!


( Exact words from the back of the book by Michael C.W. Tranmer)

What if your life suddenly lost all meaning?

How would you respond to hitting rock bottom?

Could you rebuild your identity?

“A powerfully vulnerable, entertaining and uplifting book about one man’s journey from marriage breakdown to an awakening of consciousness.” (Teresa de Grosbois, international best-selling author of Mass Influence)

Michael Tranmer had to discover answers to these questions and more after the heartbreaking end of his marriage. In an instant, his vision of building life and a family with his wife was replaced with a painfully blank slate. For the first time in his life, Michael faced the sadness of being lost and alone. The weight of the grief triggered an awakening of consciousness deep within his soul. As an engineer, Michael was presented with this ultimate problem to solve: Who am I now?

To find his answer, Michael turned inward. He began a courageous journey within to reengineer his life. As he ventured deeper, he learned hard truths about himself. At the same time, Michael began to experience moments of true bliss as he learned to live fully in the present moment.

Through his personal growth, Michael discovered mindfulness and spirituality, where he learned how to overcome persistent waves of sorrow. With the help of a colourful cast of characters, Michael learned practical steps to move forward and intentionally create the new life of his dreams.

In this raw and powerful memoir, Michael Tranmer fearlessly shares his transformational story from emotionally caged and heartbroken, to self-aware and fully expressed. His journey of self-discovery shows how he transcended his pain to find his greater purpose. On his inspiring journey, Michael discovers the one thing that will ultimately awaken himself, and others, to lasting happiness.


   Typically, when I write a review it is not too personal. I tend to share my opinion and the book’s rating. But I have to provide an honest review and the only way to do that with this novel is to be honest with my readers. To be transparent and genuine in my emotions and my thoughts. I do not believe in coincidences in life. I believe that certain things, situations, people all come to us at the right time when we need them the most. The universe has a way of working things out beyond our knowledge of why, and this book was provided to me for a reason. The beginning of the book starts off with the emotional rollercoaster of a marriage that has just fallen apart. Michael describes the early parts of his separation in raw and real experiences. Some of the experiences he felt like abandonment and questioning what went wrong can be felt through the pages of his book. You could feel how hurt and lost he felt in the beginning and it resonated with the pain that I have felt in my life as well.  Last year was a hard year for my family. My grandfather passed away in January, and my husband got a job out of town. I was alone with the kids during a pandemic, a hurricane, and two tornado warnings. The fear of being alone that he felt within the first few chapters, resonated with my core. I felt as if he was reaching part of the emotions that I have experienced over the past year. Just as 2020 was a year of awakening for myself, his trauma took him through an awakening as well. 

He shares his dark times in which sets him on a mission to find himself. He craved adventure, purpose, and enlightenment. These are three things that I crave as well and the exact reason I kept reading his transformation story. The book takes you on a journey through his eyes, a personal encounter of how one can reach the bottom of life’s painful moments and how he lifts himself up into the light. The bravery it took to write his pain was very inspiring and set something a flame inside my heart. I know how hard it is to sit down and write the pain you experienced. It brings back old feelings, memories, and often times emotions that you try to forget. He genuinely remained consistent through the book in providing raw insight on how he was feeling and what he was going through each phase of his grief. When he started to evolve and become more aware of his purpose, I couldn’t help but cheer for him. The chapter in which he finds comfort in a life coach was exciting. I knew then that soon he would begin a new way of life, thinking, and find his true purpose. The book was then attached to my side during my daily routines. As a Mother it can be hard to sit down and read. I have so many responsibilities during the day I rarely get time to sit in the quiet. So I carried Michael’s book with me wherever I went and could steal a few moments of solitude. It was as if I had my own little life coach wherever I went, reading his book gave me strength. 

He writes his pain as if the reader is his closest friend. The downsides to a break up, his alcohol dependence, and fears are written for the entire world to see. What an amazing thing to do for others to grow too. I have been wanting to write a book my entire life. I lean towards Fantasy/Children’s books. I always envisioned myself an Author for the younger generation. But Michael’s book woke me up to truly dig deep inside my own goals and purpose. I do not think it was a coincedence that my husband found a box of missing books last week. Inside that box was the book Stephen King wrote on writing. The same book Michael mentions reading in Chapter 13. I think this was a sign from the universe that this book was meant to be given to me for my true purpose in life. You see we all  have a story to tell. We all have experienced pain and sadness. Michael’s experiences could be felt through the pages of his book, and they sat within my heart. I cried with him, I laughed with him, and I cheered for his self discovery. What an amazing feeling it must be to know that you can change someone’s life this way, writing. I always knew that I wanted to be a writer but I did not know exactly what it was I was supposed to write. I have been asking God and the Universe to show me the way. Tell me what story it is that I am meant to share. Michael’s Awakening set forth a chain reaction towards my own awakening. 

2020 was a year for clear vision for my self. I had to learn how to be independent and strong for my children. I had to face my fears of loneliness and survival. I learned how strong I was and how much I could handle given the situation. My grandfather’s death was very hard to go through alone. The grief was shadowed in responsibilities which I consumed myself with to keep my mind from processing. But during that time I also saw my own mentor go through her divorce and lost the daily motivation she used to provide every morning. It was then that I learned that I had learned all I could from her and that I must dig deeper to find who it is that I am without her telling me. It had been a long while since I read a motivational book from anyone else. And then Michael’s book arrived to my doorstep. It was then that I realized that his book landed on my doorstep for a higher purpose. IT was originally just for a review. But the book resonated somewhere inside my deepest thoughts. It set the spark a flame and now I myself am on a journey of transformation. We shared similar loves of nature and I found myself pondering nature more while reading his book. I mentioned to my husband how I would love to take a polar plunge in Alaska some day, and that night I read about Michael’s experience taking the same plunge. That is a sign that I am on the right journey now. Another uncanny resemblance is that he loved the outdoors, woods, and skiing. I just updated my “bookstagram” theme to one more in tune with nature/woods/mountains. I find peace and comfort in nature and around animals. Michael shared similar experiences and it gave me more comfort to know that I too, was on a similar journey. 

If I am being truly honest, this book has also set me on the path I strayed from for a while now. I wanted to write a book about magic and fantasy. But maybe I will one day, however also maybe that is not my calling. I really think my life’s purpose is to write a book similar to Michael’s. The story of my grandfather’s perseverance through his disability and entering bike marathons. My late grandmother Eliana’s endurance to the US from Chile, and how she did not know any English. She obtained her citizenship at an older age. My grandmother, Brenda,  who supported my grandfather in everything he did and took care of him until the end.  They both have consistently been huge role models in my life. They have proven time and time again that strength, determination, and will are huge factors in surviving this world. Michael taught me that I can not only survive in this world, but I can thrive in it. I have to let go of my negative thoughts, let go of what I thought I needed to do, and accept a new way of thinking. I can “awaken to my true happiness” which would ultimately be when I find my true purpose.

I believe his book without a shadow of a doubt was given to me to point me in the right direction. I cannot express enough gratitude, love, appreciation, for his courage to break down his struggles for the me to read. The beauty of his transformation is available for anyone to read and to grow. I will provide the links below, and I strongly suggest you read this book. Your life will be forever changed, as his journey can inspire you to embark on your own. Links to his information and his book can be found below the image! 

Thank you Michael for trusting me with this review, and for your wise words.

-Amanda The Book Witch, Amanda Insco @2021

   Satori : sudden enlightenment and a state of consciousness attained by intuitive illumination representing the spiritual goal of Zen Buddhism.

 Ananda: (in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism) extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being.

                    Michael Tranmer | Author | Engineer | TEDx Speaker


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